terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

0008 – Research in Perdigões Copper Metallurgy

A "bell beaker" dagger from Perdigões.

A new general line of research has been established for Perdigões Global Program of Research focus on copper metallurgy. Although there is some research being done for some while in the context of specific sub projects of this global program mainly orientated to other issues, now it will be developed a specific project for the problematic of copper metallurgy at Perdigões as a whole.

This project will be developed through the collaboration of the Global Program of Archaeological Research of Perdigões, directed by Nia-Era, and the Hercules laboratory of the University of Évora (Portugal).
The sub-project aims to determine the chemical composition of the metal artefacts;   to perform qualitative and quantitative crystallographic analysis on slag; the identification of micro structural characteristics to inform about the techniques and efficiency of production.

The methods to be used are pXRF, OM, SEM-EDS and XRD.

The team from Hercules Laboratory, that will be working in direct relation with the Perdigões Global Research Program, is constituted by Carlo Bottaini, José Mirão, António Candeias and Nick Schiavon.

We will be providing information about the development of the project.

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